This is the legend of King Raffi, he was a child king well known as a playful boy; due to his frolics, he discovered that he could make people happy with a flavor explosion, that’s why King Raffi dedicate his whole reign to create and exchange his exclusive flavors with the whole world.

One good day Raffi went on a journey heading to the horizon, taking with him his secret flavors with him. We would like to tell you that we’ve found his secrets, unfortunately it’s not like that, but we can assure you that we’ve printed his spirit & his essence in all that we make to keep Raffki as… The king of flavors

Our Specials

Raffki BBQ

Raffki Texan

Raffki Chicken

Raffki Mystery

Raffki Garlic Fire

Raffki Fish

  • BBQ
  • This BBQ seasoning is the perfect southern description, just rub it on meat before smoker or grill and enjoy.
  • Ponderosa
  • Ponderosa seasoning is ideal for any meat, even if you cook on a stove, this flavor can make you daydream
  • Hot Chicken
  • Give your poultry a very special flavor, you can use it even on egg and it will taste formidably
  • Chili Lime
  • Make a great and unique flavor with this seasoning, ideal for tacos, fajitas or to make a great street corn cob
  • Garlic Fire
  • Make a great base of flavour for different kinds of food as Asian, Mexican or to spice any meat
  • Cajun
  • Take an original southern flavor at any moment that you want on any meal, use it as you want whenever you wish